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Mechanized finishing complex MOK


  The complex belongs to the devices of small-scale mechanization for mechanized cleaning of shoulders and intertrack spaces of the railway formation from vegetation on open lines in maintenance. The complex MOK provides high-quality maintenance of the railway track with the minimal influence on the environment.

  Distinction of performed operation:

  • high output and quality of  vegetation root cutting;
  • grading of shoulders and slopes;
  • versatility of mounted equipment;
  • self-contained energy supply of the working elements;
  • possibility of simultaneous and separate finishing of slopes and intertrack spaces with the cultivators;
  • finishing of slopes and horizontal sections of intertrack spaces of the ballast section with the planer;
  • operation with any type of motor-rail cars;
  • rapid setting of detachable mounted devices to the travelling and operating positions;
  • capability to move mounted devices from one side of the flat car to the other one for operation of the complex in either direction of movement;
  • provision of retention of existing shapes of the railway formation;
  • provision of safe movement of trains;
  • conformity of track operations on cleaning of intertrack spaces and shoulders  with OST 32.148-2000 Protection of Environment. Flora. Protective forest plantations of railway transport;
  • control of the working elements from the cab.
rotor mower bush cutter

provides mowing down grass and small bushes with trunks up to 20 mm thick within distance of up to 7 m from the track centre line cuts tree trunks up to 100 mm in diameter within distance of up to 7 m from the track centre line and at a  height of  up to 4 metres
cultivator for slopes

provides deep (up to 100 mm) vegetation removal on shoulders and slopes

cultivator for intertrack spaces planer

provides deep (up to 100 mm) vegetation removal on intertrack spaces without  infringement of  the clearance gauge of the adjacent track

carries out grading and cutting ballast shoulders and slopes to a depth of 0,5 m

Width of treated ballast m
  • planer
  • cultivator for slopes
  • cultivator for intertrack spaces
Maximum diameter of cut vegetation mm
  • mower
  • bush cutter
Power unit rating kW 55
Length over coupler centres m 14.6
Mass t 34
Attendants number    2
Maximum depth of loosening with cultivator for intertrack spaces and with cultivator for slopes m 0.1
Maximum depth of treated ballast layer in single pass with planer m          0.1
Width of cut area with mower in single pass m 1.6
Clearance gauge  to GOST 9238-83 (in travelling position) 1-
Wheelset load on rails (GOST 22780-77) kN not greater than 230
Power supply of electric motors of complex working elements from its own
power unit
Overall dimensions mm
  • length over coupler centres
  • width
  • height
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