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Cranes for track yards KPB-10Y; KPB-12.5Y; KPB-15Y

Are designed for loading and unloading, hoisting and transport operations and stacking of assembled skeleton lengths and turnouts at track machine stations.
Two gantry cranes make up a crane set for operation with long cargoes. The gantry cranes making up the crane set can work separately, independently of each other and load and unload cargoes at different warehouses. The seismicity magnitude of  regions of crane installation is up to 6. The cabin design is immobile.

  The cranes are completed with crossbars, magnets, rope slings.

  The permissible wind speed is 14 m/sec in operating mode, 27 m/sec in off position.

The cranes are equipped with manual anticreepers, a system of safe approaching to other cranes on the same crane track, a temperature relay, a unit for protection of the electric motor from phase breakage, a sound signal.

Rated load t 10+10; 12.5+12.5; 15+15
Lifting height m 8.7; 10.0
Span m 16
Working overhang of cantilevers m 4.2
Crane control electric
Current supply:
  • to crane
trolley ; cable drum
  • to trolley
flexible cable
Total output of electric motors kW 55.5+55.5; 63.5+63.5;72+72
Maximum load of crane wheel on rail kN 178; 220
Classification group (mode) of crane to ISO 4301/1 А5
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