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Ditch and trench cutting machine

  Is designed for cleaning and widening existing ditches, cutting new ditches, recovery of shoulders and slopes of the railway formation, producing transverse trenches in the rotor operating zone and longitudinal trenches, grading the ballast section with loading the excavated
material into a train formation for removal of litter or into waste.

  The power supply of the working elements of the MKT machine and its movement in the operating mode are provided with a traction module of  the U-2, P-630 or EU-630 types

  Carries out the following operations:
          - cleaning, deepening, widening and grading of existing ditches;
          - cutting of new ditches and trenches with  grading of slope bottoms;
          - grading of surfaces of shoulders and slopes of the railway formation;
removal of ballast excess and  litter from slopes, embankments and  hollows with loading  the excavated
material into a general-purpose gondola car, a train formation on the adjacent track or into waste
          - movement and redistribution of ballast on shoulders of the railway formation;
          - finishing of ballast section and grading of ballast on intertrack spaces

Output m3/h not less than   200
Cutting depth of rotor in  single pass m 1.2
Rotor operating depth from rail top level m 2.8
Rotor overhang over bucket edges in relation to track centre line in operating mode m
  • maximum
  • minimum
Maximum lateral overhang of plough from  track centre line m 6.45
Maximum operating depth of plough from rail top level  m 1.62
Discharge range from  track centre line m 12
Travelling speed in train formation km/h 70
Operating speed  km/h
  • with rotor unit
from 0.1 to 1.0
  • with ploughs           
from 0.1 to 4.9
Required tractive effort kN(t) not greater than 150(15)
Length over coupler centres mm 21,730 +- 100
Machine base          mm 14,750 +- 50
Attendants number 2
Mass t 100
Consumed power rating kW 120
Track gauge mm 1,520
Clearance gauge to GOST 9238-83 in travelling position 1-
Minimum curve radius m 110
Machine setting duration from travelling to operating position min 15
Machine setting duration from operating to travelling position (in emergency) min not greater than 20
The ditch and trench cutting machine can be supplied complete with train formations for removal of litter with 7;5 or 7+5 cars.
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