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Snow plough SS-3

  Is designed for the following operations:

in summer:
- cleaning and cutting of ditches;
          - cutting of slopes in hollows;
          - grading operations while constructing second tracks;

          - cutting and levelling of earth and ballast;
in winter:
- cleaning of tracks from snow on open lines with train traffic along the right side or the left side of the track;
          - removal of snow and ice from yard tracks;
          - pushing snow aside in places of dumping of train formations loaded with snow;
cleaning of ditches from snow to let spring water pass, removal of snow from hollows of small size.

  The electric equipment, heating and lighting of the snow plough SS-3 are powered by its own electric power station.

Output m3/h:    
  • cutting ditches
  • cutting and grading earth and ballast
  • cleaning tracks from snow
Maximum depth of snow removed m    1.5
Width of snow removed m 3.2 - 6.0
Maximum wing overhang from track centre line  m    7.7
Depth of cut ditches below rail top level m 1.8
Operating depth of working elements of unit for pushing snow aside below rail top level m not greater 0.05
Output of power unit of crew survival system kW 16
Length over coupler centres m 25.5
Mass t 102
Attendants  number 2
Tractive effort on coupler in operation  t not greater than 29
Working air pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2) 0.6 (6)
Control of pneumatic cylinders and air motors cranes pneumatic
Minimum curve radius m 160
Speed km/h
  • travelling not greater than
  • operating speed in  earth operations
3 - 15
  • operating speed when removing snow with unit for pushing snow aside not greater than
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