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  The Closed Joint-Stock Company Tulazheldormash presents the self-propelled  ditch and trench cutting machine MKT-500 designed for operations in major overhauls, medium repairs and maintenance of railway tracks.
  The machine carries out cutting and cleaning of ditches, excavation of  trenches with loading the excavated material into a train formation for removal of litter, grading shoulders and slopes of the ballast section.
  The machine MKT-500 was developed for the purpose of increasing the economic efficiency of machines of this class by removal of the special pull-type  traction-power unit out of the complex, increasing the output of the rotor unit by 50%,  decreasing the fuel and energy expenses by 2,5 times,  reducing the number of attendants.

Main specifications:
-  output 400 m3/h
maximum operating depth of rotor from rail top level 2.8 m
maximum rotor travel from track centre line 8.5 m
-  operating depth of ploughs up to 1.6 m
speed in operating mode up to 4 km/h
travelling speed up to 80 km/h
tractive effort up to 20 t
attendants 2
  The machine operates coupled with 12 loaded cars of a train formation for removal of litter due to the high tractive machine specifications achieved as the result of the use of two drive bogies with volume hydraulic drives.
  The increase of the capacity of the rotor buckets, the use of the coupled drive sprocket and the regulated volume hydraulic drive have considerably increased the output of the rotor unit and provided the smooth control of the rotor speed rotation on grounds of different density.
The modern equipment for control, monitoring and diagnostics of the modes of the machine  working elements and systems provides effective control of all the processes with the minimum number of attendants.
  The power inputs were decreased considerably due to rational redistribution of the hydraulic transmission power and the electric using equipment of the machine in processes of track maintenance.
  The use of the machine MKT-500 in track repair and maintenance reduces considerably capital costs and operating expenses on purchase and maintenance of the Ditch and trench cutting complex.
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