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  The Closed Joint-Stock Company Tulazheldormash presents the mechanized  finishing complex MOK designed for removal of grassy vegetation, bushes and trees  from intertrack spaces and shoulders of the  railway formation and for grading shoulders and slopes of the ballast section.
  The complex is a four-axis pull-type undercarriage  powered by any self-propelled track machine available among track facilities. All complex systems are powered from a self-contained power unit, power rating 55 kW.
The main working elements of the machine are:
  • crane-manipulator equipped with an easily detachable disk bush cutter and a rotor mower. It cuts bushes and tree trunks up to 100 mm thick and mows down grass and bushes over a width of 1.5 m with bush trunks  up to 20 mm thick within distance of 6.7 m from the track centre line owing to the powerful hydraulic drive
МОК - кусторез 
  • cultivator for slopes and shoulders of the ballast section is a set of tools for loosening ballast, cutting vegetation roots to a depth of 100 mm and for grading the treated surface over a  width of 2 m. The reliable long-term removal of vegetation with  simultaneous  finishing of the treated surface is carried out owing to deep cutting of vegetation root system and disk treatment of the upper layer
МОК - культиватор откосов 
  After setting up the cultivator in the operating mode the hydraulic lift cylinders are switched in the floating mode  to monitor all irregularities of the railway formation.
  The cultivators can be controlled from the cab, from the control panels at the complex front end face and from the remote operators' panels switched in as an operator wish. The operating speed in  treatment of  the railway formation  is from 0.8 to 10 km/h depending on its condition.
  The small cultivator is designed for  deep removal of vegetation root systems from intertrack spaces over a width of 1 m.
  The operations of finishing of shoulders and slopes and on intertrack spaces can be carried out simultaneously and independently from each other owing to the independent design of the slewing mechanisms.
  The planers equipped with  hydraulic drives for movement in three planes are designed for grading  shoulders and slopes of  the railway formation to provide   treatment of slopes according to the required dimensions and the maximum width of the treated section equal to 2.8 m.
  The planer is controlled from the cab, from the fixed control boards situated under  the belt of the flat car  and from the remote operators' panels switched in as a machine operator wish.
  All the working elements of the complex are controlled  from the cab the design of which provides full visibility of all working areas. The automatic system for maintaining microclimate creates comfortable operating conditions for both attendants in all given climatic conditions of complex operation.
  The use of  the mechanized  finishing complex MOK among track facilities of railways will increase the quality of track maintenance and considerably reduce the proportion of manual labour.
The increase of the capacity of the rotor buckets, the use of the double drive sprocket and  the regulated volume hydraulic drive have considerably increased the output of the rotor unit and provided the smooth control of the rotor speed rotation on grounds of different density
  The modern equipment for control, monitoring and diagnostics of the modes of the machine  working elements and systems provides effective control of all the processes with the minimum number of attendants.
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